If you recently bumped a tree, guardrail, or pole when you were trying to leave a parking spot, you are most likely upset about the dent your vehicle's fender had sustained. A dent may be able to be removed with aid from an extreme change in temperature to the metal where it is located. Here are some steps you can try in an attempt to remove a dent on your own with help from hot and cold temperatures.

Prepare the Materials Needed for the Job

It will be necessary to apply a piece of aluminum foil over the area where the dent is located. Center the foil over the dent and use pieces of painter's tape to keep it securely in place. Purchase a large piece of dry ice and keep it in a cooler until it will be needed. You will also need to acquire a pair of gloves that will protect your hands when handling this ice. A hair dryer will also need to be ready for the repair. Place your vehicle in a spot where there is an electrical outlet nearby so the dryer will reach the affected area with ease.

Apply Heat to the Affected Area

Start the process in eliminating the dent with the addition of heat to the affected area. Use a hair dryer on a high setting to heat up the piece of aluminum foil you had attached to your vehicle. Hold the hair dryer a few inches away from the foil so the heat does not cause damage to the paint job on your vehicle. Allow the heat to be directed over the foil for several minutes before you switch to the application of a cold temperature.

Rub the Dried Ice Over the Foil

As soon as you turn off your hair dryer, slide your heavy-duty gloves over your hands and pick up the piece of dry ice. Rub the dry ice directly over the heated foil. The change in the temperature of the foil and the metal of your vehicle underneath will start the process in pushing the metal back into its original location.

If the temperature change works effectively, you will hear a popping sound as the metal moves back into place. If you do not experience this popping sound after a few minutes, switch back to the addition of heat to the area and repeat the cooling process once again.

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