Spring break and summer vacation are the perfect opportunities to head out in your RV. Unfortunately, with so many people hitting the road at the same time, accidents are bound to happen. If your vacation was cut short by an accident, and your RV has been damaged, you'll need to act fast to get yourself back on the road. Here are some steps you should take if your RV has suffered body damage.

Take Pictures

After an accident, one of the first things you want to do is take pictures. First, pictures help document the location of the accident, including surrounding cars, obstructions to visibility, and traffic conditions. Pictures also help document the damage to your RV. When taking pictures of the accident scene, make sure you take clear pictures of the damage. You should also take pictures of the rest of the RV. The additional pictures will help document the condition of the RV prior to the accident. This is particularly important if only one section of your RV sustained damage.

Call Your Insurance Company

As soon as you're in a safe location, you'll need to contact your insurance company. Don't wait until you get home to make the phone call, especially if you're not sure that the at-fault driver will accept responsibility. You want to make sure that you're the first person to file a claim.  Filing the first claim will give your insurance company a head start on gathering the information they need to get your repairs taken care of.

Make a List of the Upgrades

If you've made upgrades to your RV, it's important that you document those. Without that information, you might not be compensated for your actual loses. Make a list of all the upgrades you've had installed on your RV, and provide that list to your insurance company. If possible, include receipts for any upgrades you've had installed on your RV.

Keep in Contact with the Body Shop

Once your RV gets towed to the body shop, maintain contact with the service department. This is particularly important if your RV is being repaired in an out-of-town repair shop, which can occur if your accident happens while you're away on vacation. Maintaining phone contact with the body shop will ensure that you're up-to-date on the work that's being done.

If you're involved in an accident while you're on vacation, the information provided here will help you get your RV repaired quickly and correctly.