Have you recently been in a minor car accident? Are you uninjured but your car has obviously seen better days? Being in a car accident can be frustrating at the best of times. This is especially true if your money is tight, your car is in need of repairs, and insurance won't cover the damage.

Fortunately, there are ways to get the repairs that you need while still staying within your budget. Some things that you can do to get your car working again include:

Wait on cosmetic repairs: 

Having a dented fender or door is obviously unsightly but doesn't necessarily impact the functionality of your vehicle. While there are some instances where a damaged front end can cause damage to the engine inside, this isn't always the case. Have your mechanic make whatever mechanical repairs need to be done, leaving as much of the body work for later as possible.

You can then start setting aside a little money every month so that a shop that offers auto body services. The total cost of doing it this way may be a little higher, but doing it in parts instead of all at once should be easier on your wallet.

Install used parts: 

Some car parts, such as hoses or belts, should never be reused. But this doesn't apply to non-mechanical parts like body panels or hoods. Some repair shops will try to convince you that you need to install a brand new body panel that was ordered straight from the dealership. There is, for instance, no functional difference between a 2012 Ford Fusion body panel from the dealer and one pulled from a used car.

The main difference is that the used panel should be a fraction of the cost of a new one. It may also be a completely different color than your car, but some shops that offer auto body services can easily repaint it to match and you'll still pay less than you would for a new one.

Ask about discounts: 

You may be eligible for a variety of discounts on your repairs and not even know it. Some shops may offer discounts for students, for AAA members, for seniors, and so on. Sometimes, these discounts will stack. Other times, you can only use one. If you don't ask about possible discounts on your auto body services, the employees may not be aware that you're even eligible for one. You shouldn't expect to find discounts everywhere you go, but it certainly doesn't hurt to ask about them.